woman with moderate hearing loss

5 Injuries That Can Cause Hearing Loss

If you or someone you love is experiencing hearing loss then you may be wondering the reasons why this came to be. Avoid making assumptions that it’s because of old age and look at a possible event that might have unfolded. For instance, it could be that an injury occurred and caused the hearing loss. […]

woman holding hand to ear

Untreated Hearing Loss Can Cause Mayhem with Your Health

Hearing loss is often viewed as an inconvenience or frustration for those who have it and for the loved ones of those with hearing loss. However, the consequences of hearing loss can be far greater than having to repeat yourself or getting irritated by the inability to hear. There is an established link between hearing […]

man's hand and ear

What Can You Do To Prevent Your Hearing Loss?

We tend to believe that hearing loss is something that inevitably happens as we get older. The aging process, we say, is the primary reason why we struggle to hear the sounds around us. But research paints a different picture. Yes, aging is a major contributing factor to hearing loss, but it is not the […]

man cutting wood while wearing ear protection

4 Hobbies Tied to Hearing Loss

We love to take part in hobbies during our downtime, things like DIY, music concerts and motor racing, but we rarely think about how these hobbies might impact the long-term health of our hearing. Actually, hobbies with high decibel levels can kill off the cilia in the ear canal and lead to hearing loss.  The […]