Hearing Aid Batteries

Whether your hearing aids use disposable or rechargeable batteries, The Hearing Center at York ENT has the batteries you need to keep your hearing aids performing at top levels. We carry all sizes of hearing aid batteries. And if you aren’t sure what battery you need, just ask the audiologist.

Hearing aid battery sizes

Shopping for hearing aid batteries is easy. Each battery size is color-coded and has an easy-to-remember number. The most common size batteries are:

  • Blue: Number 675 
  • Orange: Number 13 
  • Brown: Number 312 
  • Yellow: Number 10

Most modern hearing aids notify you of a low battery level with a beeping or chirping sound. If your hearing aids offer a smartphone app, that app will alert you when it’s time to change batteries.

 Maximizing the life of a hearing aid battery 

Disposable hearing aid batteries have a long shelf-life. They generate power based on a reaction between the zinc ions in the battery and the oxygen in the air. It is important to store and handle your batteries carefully, so you enjoy the longest life from the battery. Follow these tips to maximize the life of disposable hearing aid batteries.

  • Remember to wash your hands before touching your hearing aids or hearing aid batteries. Your skin contains oils that decrease battery life. 
  • Do not store your hearing aids or your hearing aid batteries in the bathroom. Steam from showers can shorten their life. It’s important to keep batteries and hearing aids dry.
  • At night, store your hearing aids in the off position with the battery door open. Not only does this help keep the battery dry, but it also preserves the power in the battery.  
  • Keep spare batteries in a cool and dry place. That place is not the refrigerator! Contrary to the myths you may have heard, refrigeration can decrease the life of your battery because it exposes them to moisture. 
  • After pulling the tab on a new battery, wait a few minutes before inserting it into your device. The longer the battery is exposed to air, the longer it will last and the more power it will produce. 

Rechargeable batteries

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are a great option for people with vision and dexterity problems that make manipulating small, button-sized batteries and compartment doors difficult. They also free you from the hassle of keeping fresh batteries on hand.

These hearing aids receive power the same way you charge your cellphone. Just place them in their docking/charging station at night, and in the morning, they are ready to go when you wake up. If you like the idea of rechargeable batteries, talk to the audiologists at The Hearing Center at York ENT about this important advance in hearing aid technology.