Why is Custom Hearing Protection Best?

three pairs of earplugs

Everyone knows that no two humans on the planet have the same fingerprints. But unfortunately, it’s not as commonly known that the same applies to our ears. The set-up is the same, of course, but there are things to contend with, such as hair growth, skin condition, width and depth of ear canal – the list goes on. 

Not only are your ears different from the next person’s ears, but when consulting your audiologist for your hearing check, you will discover that your own ears will also be different from each other in both physicality and ability! Therefore, custom hearing protection is best. It is the only way you will achieve the very best results in hearing protection, which is crucial for your long-term hearing health. 

Custom Hearing Protection for the Perfect Fit

Mass-made hearing protection will never, ever be the perfect fit. They’re intended to fit the majority of people acceptably. That’s why there are many choices because anyone and everyone can make them, simply hoping for the best.  When shopping for hearing protection, you will likely have found that it’s taken you several attempts to get to one that you’re relatively satisfied. 

Take the time to book in with your audiologist to discuss how a perfect fit can be obtained from custom hearing protection and discover what benefits will bring you and your current hearing situation. Even at optimal hearing health, prevention should be considered to bring long-term success in hearing ability. 

Comfortable Custom Hearing Protection for Every Occasion

Comfort is always something that should be considered. Anything too long or wide will cause unnatural pressure within the ear canal, which could irritate, preventing the ability to have any hearing protection worn while that heals itself. If you work at a place that requires you to protect your hearing at all costs, this will mean unpaid time off.

Custom hearing protection can also be worn when you would normally have something against your ears, for example, underneath motorcycle helmets or when laying down to sleep. The barely there benefits of its extreme comfort make hearing protection something that you won’t even think about whilst wearing, allowing it to become second nature to you. 

Choose Your Own Color and Style 

In addition to the comfort, health benefits and specific molding, your own ears’ shape & size comes to design. For the fashion or trend-conscious, hearing protection may not be trendy. However, this is not reason enough to slide your hearing protection as choosing colors and patterns is part of the custom hearing protection buying process. You can blend in with super discreet designs or stand out from the crowd if you wish. 

Your audiologist will always be on hand to answer any questions or scenarios that may arise during the buying process, keeping you educated and informed throughout. So, set aside some dedicated time to book an appointment and consult with an audiologist for expert advice on which custom hearing protection is best for you and your needs.

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