child receiving hearing test

How to Know Whether Your Child Has a Hearing Problem

Experiences of hearing loss can impact your life in many ways. You may find that you need to invest in specialist equipment to help you communicate with others and hear what is going on around you. You may have to adapt certain elements of your lifestyle to accommodate the hearing loss. It is relatively easy […]

woman with a minor headache

How Noise Can Impact Your Sleep Cycle

Everybody wants a good night’s sleep. Hitting eight hours each night can leave you well rested, energized and ready for the day ahead. But there are so many factors that can impact not only how long you sleep, but the quality of sleep you’re getting too. One factor that many of us struggle with is […]

young woman listening to music outdoors on a bench

Are Headphones And Earbuds Bad For Your Health?

There are likely many days when you want to use your headphones or earbuds and listen to music or to drown out the noise around you. However, have you ever considered if headphones or earbuds are bad for your health and a health risk overall? While they’re wonderful and useful, there may be reasons to […]